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IHMS (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette) is a rimfire and centrefire revolver and pistol shooting discipline where competitors aim to knock down metal animal-shaped targets.


Shotgun permits the use of any smoothbore shotgun up to 12-gauge to shoot clay targets. The discipline includes four main competitions – Sporting Clays, 5-stand., Low-Field and High-Field.

Field Rifle

Field Rifle & 3-Positional is a rifle discipline that aims to improve hunting marksmanship under rifle range conditions, while teaching them the capabilities and limitations of their equipment.

Field Archery

Field Archery is a form of modern archery shot using a range of bow types – including Recurve, Compound and Longbows. Targets are life size feral silhouettes and range from 6m to 45m in distance.

Field Pistol

Field Pistol

Field pistol uses targets that represent vermin species, and is not shot with a loaded firearm in a holster. The shooter must load their firearm on the line when directed.

Benchrest Rifle


The aim of Benchrest is to remove the physical element from the sport, to focus on extreme accuracy and extracting the most from the equipment.

Single Action

Single Action uses original or replica firearms that were common in the American Old West such as single-action revolvers, lever-action rifles and carbines, lever-action and pump-action shotguns, and side-by-side shotguns.

Practical Pistol

Practical Shooting

Practical Shooting caters to rimfire and centrefire pistols, revolvers and rifles, and shotguns, with each having their own classes. It offers challenging scenarios that test the capacity of the shooter and their equipment.