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Sporting Shooters Inc.

is a sports shooting facility located 4km East of the town of Jarrahdale in Western Australia. Our diverse membership participates in competitive shooting across a broad range of SSAA (WA) disciplines including:

  • Benchrest
  • Practical Shooting
  • Field Rifle
  • Field Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • IHMS
  • Single Action

and in addition, the facility caters for competitive Field Archery, as well. 

Along with great facilities, the club strives to provide a diverse, inclusive and family friendly community for members centered on our competitions. New members are welcome. Unfortunately, until further notice, Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters aren't currently accepting membership enquiries.

Note: Enclosed footwear, eye and hearing protection is mandatory for all visitors to our facility.

Please note: As a competition-based, members only club, Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters does not offer public access to the ranges nor membership for the purpose of range access.  


Our Aim

Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Inc. promotes the safe and legal participation of competitive and recreational ballistic sports in Western Australia. 


Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Inc was conceived in 1995 by a group of sports shooting enthusiasts from around the region who came together with a combined interest in forming the club. Through the tireless work of these people over a 5-year period, a location was found and the club was formed in 1999.

Earthworks began soon after and the ranges and facilities took shape. Since then, several decades of reshaping and re-imagining of the club by many club leaders have resulted in continuous improvements to the facilities, to the range of disciplines we offer, and to the strong and vibrant club culture that members enjoy today.