How do I become a JSS member?


Every member needs to be a CURRENT member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia [the SSAA].

Step 1) Choose a Section

You then need to choose a section of Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters to belong to. We currently have 8 different sections, each with their own procedures, firearms, competitions and shooting schedules. For a detailed overview of each section, click here.

Step 2) Contact the Captain/Vice Captain

Once you have chosen a section(s) that you are interested in, you can contact the Captain(s) or Vice Captain(s) via email or telephone to arrange a meet-up at the Club Range. This information is available on the Sectional Heads Contact Page. Upon request, you may be permitted to use Club firearms to practice with and see if you enjoy that particular competition style.

Step 3) Applying for Membership

At the Range, the Captain(s) or Vice Captain(s) will provide you with a JSS Membership Application form. You must complete the membership application form and submit it to membership@jarrahdaleshooters.org.au. The membership officer will then submit your application to the Committee for approval. Once approved, you will be provided with payment information. Once payment is received you will receive your membership card and you can attend shoots at the range.