JSS CovID-19 Update No.2

Coronavirus Policies | Safety First for our Members

Dear Members,

Last night your committee held a meeting to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and the impact to the health and safety of the JSS Membership. The discussions covered current Western Australian and Federal health policies with regards to social interaction, the advice from SSAA(WA) and WAPOL.

The health and safety of the JSS membership is of the utmost importance to the committee, and it is with this in mind I am advising you all of the following decisions made last night.   

  • All scheduled matches at the club have been cancelled until the 1st June 2020,
  • The club will be available for practice, load development and maintenance for MEMBERS ONLY until the 1st June 2020.

The committee has agreed to reconvene on the 23rd of May 2020 to discuss the possibility of a continuation or revocation of the cancellation, depending on where the pandemic situation is at that time.  

Range Booking Procedure

Should you wish to book a range for practice during the shutdown, the following procedure and guidelines MUST be followed:

  1. The range will be available for MEMBERS ONLY
  2. Members are to contact the captains directly to book in for practice. Members must inform the captains of the names of all other club members who will be attending.
  3. It is recommended that members attend with at least 1 other member for safety should, an emergency arise whilst on the range complex
  4. There will be a limit of 5 members per range at any one time.

Further Information

Many of you have contacted me with regards to the minimum required attendances for handgun disciplines. The advice from WAPOL Licensing Enforcement Division at this time is that there will be no relaxation of the minimum attendance requirements. This means that if you have handguns licensed in one discipline only, you will still be required to attend 6 registered matches at the club this calendar year. If you have handguns licensed for more than one discipline, you will still be required to attend at least 4 registered matches at the club, in each discipline you have support for in this calendar year.

The committee discussed this in depth last night and it is agreed by all that when the club re-opens for scheduled matches, the disciplines affected will put on more calendared matches during the week to allow members to complete their minimum requirements. 

Lastly, I would like to take this time to ask you all to follow the health and social interaction guidelines during the pandemic. Stay safe and the committee and I look forward to seeing you all when this has run its course.

Should you have any questions please contact myself or any of your committee for advice or clarification.

Kind Regards,

Peter R. | JSS President