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A Word from the President | CovID-19

Coronavirus Policies | Safety First for our Members

Dear Members,

I am writing to you regarding the current situation that we face with the Coronavirus COVID-19 threat in this country.

At the moment the Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Club remains open, however the Committee is monitoring the Government advice and will pass on any changes to this should further action be necessary. Any concern from Members regarding their compliance shoots should be directed to their relevant Captain for further advice.

We must keep in mind the current advice from our Government regarding measures to limit and reduce risk to our Members, and as a Club we will be implementing the suggested measures effective immediately until further notice.

In addition to the measures suggested the following points must be observed to help protect our Members, particularly the ones most at risk:

  • If you have entered Australia from overseas ensure that you self isolate and do not attend the Club for a minimum of 14 days from your arrival into Australia.
  • Due to the risk from connecting flights, if you have arrived into WA from interstate ensure that you self isolate and do not attend the Club for a minimum of 14 days
  • If you are feeling unwell or coughing / sneezing do not attend the Club until you are cleared of this condition by your Doctor
  • Ensure that hygiene standards are maintained so please make an extra effort to keep the toilets, kitchen and Clubhouse clean and wash your hands thoroughly prior to and after using these areas.
  • When at the Club it is good practice to keep a “social distance” from each other and avoid unnecessary contact. For example, refrain from shaking hands, kissing and hugging during this time. Carrying hand sanitiser is also a good idea.

Captains will also be monitoring the Members attending and if they identify any attending Member that presents as unwell, they will ask that Member to leave the Club and return when they have been cleared by their Doctor.

I have attached the link to the Government advice for your information, please consider this and use this time to look after yourselves and your fellow Club Members during this trying period.

Hopefully the medical profession will get on top if this as soon as possible and we can then resume normal operations.


Peter R. | JSS President