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JSS Compliance Update

6 – Shoot Compliance for Jarrahdale Members

The Committee has passed a resolution which has made a change to the Club Bylaws regarding compliance requirements for supported firearms. It is now compulsory for any member that has Club supported firearms to shoot their compliance shoots at Jarrahdale.

At the moment legislation states that attendance requirements only affect handguns, however longarms that are supported will be subject to any requirements also under this change.

This requirement is in line with the Australian legislation and is in effect immediately.

Remember that if you have handguns supported in ONE discipline only, you need to complete six shoots at the Club for compliance.

If you have handguns that are supported on two or more disciplines then you need to complete four shoots in EACH supported discipline at the Club for compliance.

Under special circumstances, Members can approach the Committee for consideration regarding their ability to achieve these requirements – this will be done on a case-by-case basis and may or may not be covered under the LOA process.


Jarrahdale Sporting Shooters Committee